About Us

Registered Charity Number: 1173538


Westie Rescue UK was founded by Kevin Baker and his partner Nikki on 20th November 2016. In the beginning, the rescue consisted of just Kevin and Nikki, fostering in their own home and it was funded solely from their personal savings. Since then, the number of staff involved has increased significantly and consists of volunteers undertaking a variety of roles from fundraisers and fosterers to transport providers. Westie Rescue UK prides itself on being a non profit organisation and finally gained registered charity status on the 22nd June 2017.

We have now celebrated our 5th birthday as a Charity and have now rescued in excess of 160 westies during this time.

We are so very proud of our Westie Rescue UK family all over the UK.  We have met some wonderful volunteers, families and amazing dogs.  Thank you for continuing to support us!

Our Mission Statement

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to any Westies in the UK that have been abandoned, neglected, mistreated or are no longer able to remain with their current owners, for whatever reason.
  • To find suitable homes for these dogs either through adoption or long term fostering.
  • To maintain contact with all adopters to ensure the continued care of these dogs.
  • To never put a healthy dog to sleep.
  • All dogs, when fostered will be kept in a home environment and not kennelled at any time.
  • To rescue primarily, but not exclusively, West Highland Terriers and terrier cross breeds


Our network of volunteers will help with home checks and transportation.
Our network of foster carers will ensure that there is a place of safety for each dogs in the first instance.

Initially, the dogs will be placed in a foster home in order for an assessment to be undertaken on their temperament to establish what type of home and owners who would be suitable to adopt or foster.

A full vet check and any treatment required. Adopters will be made aware of any health conditions where necessary.

All dogs will be neutered before going to a new home.

We will seek suitable forever homes for each dog where possible. If a dog is unsuitable for adoption they will stay in long term foster with a staff member of WRUK.

WRUK operates a non destruction policy for all healthy dogs.

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