CLIFF – 8 Years – North Tyneside – Adopted 9.2.2020

We are pleased to say that we believe we have found a furever home for Cliff. He has been an absolute delight to have as a lodger and we know he will be a huge success in his new home.

My name is Cliff and I am 8 years of age. I am looking for a new furever home, and am currently in North Tyneside.
I have come to Westie Rescue UK as I have suffered a bereavement – I have been with the same family since I was a puppy and am feeling very down at the moment.
I am not used to being on my own and get very upset if I am left so I need someone at home with me all of the time. I love walks and will come and sit beside you on the sofa. I am quite nervous and it takes me a little while to trust you.
I love to sleep on the end of your bed. I am not neutered but this will be arranged for me.
If you think you could offer me a furever home, please email

BUDDY – 4 Years – Northumberland – Adopter Identified 6.1.2020

Hi all – my name is Buddy and I am 4 years of age. I am looking for a new furever home, and am currently in Northumberland. I love walks and playing with my red ball and other toys. I like a cuddle on the sofa and have been on my own for up to 4 hours. (I don’t really like being left so shorter times would be much better) I am not neutered, but will have this done asap. I like other dogs, I don’t like cats and am friendly with most people. I do get rather nervous around children. If you think you could offer me a furever home, please email

Olaf – 4 Years in Essex – ADOPTED


My name is Olaf and I am looking for a furever home. This would initially be a foster home as Westie Rescue UK do not adopt in the run up to Christmas. I am sure you will all understand why.
I am 4 years of age and in the Mistley, Essex area. I currently live with small children, and I do not like them moving quickly and making a lot of noise. I am quite nervous of any loud noises or quick movements.
I love lots of fuss and attention, but don’t like to be picked up. All the attention has to be on my terms. I am quite a barker when anyone comes to the door, and don’t like being closed in. I have been left regularly for a few hours, but I don’t really like it.
I love cheese and liver treats, and will come, sit, stay and down for you if you have one of these treats.
If you think that you could be my fosterer, with the option of adopting me in the New Year, please email

Marsha – 7 Years – York – With Foster Family

UPDATE: 6.1.2020 MARSHA HAS MOVED IN WITH HER FOSTER FAMILY WHO WILL HAVE FIRST REFUSAL AT ADOPTING HER. My name is Marsha and I am looking for a furever home. I am believed to be approximately 7 years of age.

We are not sure of my age because I was found earlier this year at the side of the road having been abandoned. A lovely man has been looking after me and has sorted all of my medical needs. Unfortunately he is changing jobs, and will not be able to keep me.

I have now developed diabetes and need insulin injections twice a day. This is a condition that will be covered by Westie Rescue UK as it is a pre-existing condition.

I am quite nervous and will need patience and lots and lots of love.

If you think you could be my furever family, please email

Missy – Westie/Poodle Cross – Adopted

Hi everyone – I am Missy and I am 21 months of age, and am looking for a furever home. I am currently in the Derbyshire area, and love to have a snooze in a comfy place. I can get nervous when children are around and this makes me protective of my adult. I like to play tug-of-war and to chase a ball. I sit and lie when you offer me a treat, and I come when you call me.