TEDDY – Westie/Yorkie Cross – 3 – ADOPTED

UPDATE: Teddy is now with his furever home. What a lucky family they are to have him as he has been a huge hit with all our members.

Hi All – My name is Teddy and I am 3 years of age (I think)! I am looking for a new home and a family to look after me. I am in the North Yorkshire area. The information that Westie Rescue UK have been told about me is below.

“He’s not been neutered. He has typical westie traits, grumbles and vocal. He slept really well last night, but did wee in the house. He gets on great with Dex, well as much as Dex will let him! I have two cats and he is learning to leave them alone. He was living with a young couple who had a baby, they said they did not have time for him πŸ™ my sons friend took him, but her parents would not let her keep him and his owners would not take him back”If you think you can give me a home, please contact admin@westierescueuk.org.uk

Millie – 7 Years – Tamworth – Adopted

Hi All – My name is Millie and I am in the Tamworth area. I am looking for a new furever home with adults only please. Older children are a possibility, but children under 10 are a definite no-no as they scare me – they move too fast and I’m not sure what they are going to do next!

I do have some skin issues, and take steroids as well as having special shampoo to help my skin. I am quite small for a westie, but I am an adventerous sort, so am best kept on the lead as I like to go off exploring given half a chance.

I can be a little protective over my food, but I’m sure you dont really want to share your tea either! I dont like big dogs as they make me scared too and then I bark.

If you think you could give me my furever home, please send a message to admin@westierescueuk.org.uk

JASPER – Now Adopted :)

Hello everyone – my name is Jasper and I am 8 years of age. I have diabetes and need to have injections twice a day. I’m in the Manchester area at the moment and being looked after by a wonderful family.

My previous owner struggled with my injections due to her age, but she loved me and gave me lots of attention. I am looking for a furever home with someone who can confidently do my injections and I will give you cuddles and love 💖- if you think you could look after me, please message Christine 😀

UPDATE: Jasper moved in with his new furever Mummy on Saturday 17th August.Β  He will have an amazing life with her and enjoy the Yorkshire sunshine πŸ™‚

ARCHIE – South Shields – Adopted :)

Hi everyone – my name is Archie and I live in South Shields, Tyne and Wear – I am 9 years old and am looking for a furever home.

I have always been a little bit nervous, especially around children, and so would prefer to live in a house with adults only. I dont like German Shepherds! I don’t know why, but they tend to make me bark – dont mind other dogs really, but I do have a bit of a grumble when I walk past them.

I love to sit on the sofa beside you and have a cuddle. I love going to the groomers and everyone there loves me. I’m not so keen on the vets but that might be because I often have skin problems. I havn’t had a flare-up for over 18 months, but I do take Apoquil daily to help me with this. Sometimes my paw gets sore and I limp which my family knows means that I need to get to the vets as the skin on my paw is always first to be a problem.

I am neutered and my vaccinations are all up to date.

Archie South Shields

Spencer and Jasper now have a furever home – thank you for your help 30.7.19

This is Spencer (7 – Black Lab) and Jasper (8). Unfortunately they have recently suffered a bereavement and are desperate to remain together. They are best friends and have a great relationship. They are currently in the Blackpool area, have no known health or behaviour issues, and a really quite lazy. If you feel you may be in a position to offer them a loving home together, please get in touch immediately. They are currently in Kennels and desperate for a family homelife.

Jasper and Spencer were re-homed through their owner and didnt actually need our help. Good luck in your new home boys πŸ™‚