Mitsy – 11 months – Cornwall

This is Mitsy. She is currently with a very kind family who have taken her in after a difficult start to her life. She is suffering from some skin issues, and is believed to be deaf. She has not been vet-checked as yet so we do not know if there is anything we can do to help her with her hearing. She is described as “a lovely little girl” ” trusting and loving”. She is currently not speyed and this is something that we would arrange during her foster. If you are in a position to travel to Penzance to collect her, or live in the vacinity and have been home checked, please let us know. MITSY IS MEETING A POSSIBLE ADOPTER NEXT WEEK! FINGERS CROSSED 🙂

Penny – With forever home – ADOPTION COMPLETE

My name is Penny and I am a very lucky girl. I needed to find a home very quickly last week, and a wonderful man called Nick and his family agreed to foster me. They have fallen in love with me and hope to adopt me once all of my vet checks and assessments have been completed.


Hi – My name is Rossi and I am 7 years of age. I am currently staying with a lovely lady in Coventry who is looking after me very well. I love to sleep in my basket, and as you can see pay lots of attention when you talk to me.

I am happy to meet up with other dogs when we go for a walk in the park. I have never met a cat, so I’m not sure if I would like them or not. I have played with children before, but not very often.

I need to go to the vets as I am told I need to have “the snip!” When I am all checked out and the vet says I can move on, I am looking for a furever home and someone to love me, walk me and basically be my world.


Wesley is 7 years of age and lives in the Derbyshire area. He is a lovely friendly little chap who loves to go for walks, loves his treats and also loves to snuggle up beside you. He has lived with small children and guinea pigs and they all got along fine. He has no major issues when out walking with other dogs, and was vaccinated in November 2018. He has the occasional skin flare up.

Wesley is looking for a home through no fault of his own and just wants to find his furever home with someone with lots of love to give him.


Archie Age 3

Archie is 3 years of age and due to work commitments is looking for a furever home. He has lived with children 8 and 10. He loves to watch for the cat on Coronation Street and watches the TV as soon as the music starts. He is happy to meet other dogs when out for a walk, but stays on the lead as he is quite stubborn and doesn’t always come back when called. He is coming into foster with us, and should be available for adoption in the next few weeks. Archie is currently in Lancashire.