Hi everyone – our names are Alba and Islay – we are 7 year old westie/bichon sisters – we currently live in the TW12 area and we are looking for an energetic and loving family to give us our furever home. Through no fault of our own we are looking for a home with lots of energy and time for walks – we must stay together –

We are sociable and friendly with people – often welcoming them with a bit of a bark – we need a home without small children or cats and with someone who is experienced with dogs – we play happily with other dogs at our local park –

Alba is good at recall but Islay can get distracted by the odd squirrel – Islay also likes the odd paddle/swim in rivers or ponds but Alba doesn’t really like getting wet – we travel well but tend to argue if our in a crate together – we love being patted on the floor – we do not have any known health issues – PLEASE EMAIL if you could offer us a furever home

My name is Bailey and I am 13 – NOW REHOMED

I am in the B76 (Sutton Coldfield) area and due to ill health and bereavement within my family I am looking for a new furever home. I am described as full of personality and very vocal. I like to talk to you 🙂 I am currently in a busy house with two other dogs, but am more used to being the only dog and with a single lady owner. I love to play with a ball, and love belly rubs (when I decide). I can grumble if you get too close to my face, but can also enjoy rubbing my face on your legs as if I’m giving you a cuddle.
If you think you could give me a furever home, please email Christine on

My name is Monty and I am 4 Years Old – HOME FOUND 8.11.22

Hi Everyone – my name is Monty and I was born on 16th May, 2018.

Due to no fault of my own I am looking for a new furever home. I am currently living with 3 other older dogs, and I find that I have lots more energy than they have. I am looking for a home with an active family who are able to give me lots of time and energy. I have been neutered and currently live in the Leeds LS26 area.

In the past I have had skin problems, but these are currently under control with Hypoallergenic food and daily medication. As this is a pre-existing condition Westie Rescue UK will continue to fund my daily medication. If you think you can give me a furever home please contact Christine on

BUDDY – 6 Years – Somerset – ADOPTED

My name is Buddy and I am in the Somerset area.

I am 6 years of age, and am looking for a new home due to the ill health of a family member.

I am described as “a sweet-natured dog”, who loves his busy family home and visits from grandchildren and other family dogs.

I get very nervous around strangers, and will hide.

I may have some skin issues as I regularly am seen licking my feet. I love going to the groomers, but do not like anyone touching my feet.

I do tell you if I want to go outside, but if you do not see me, I do sometimes have an accident in the house.

If you think you could provide Buddy with a furever home, please email

Islay – 8 Years – North Lanarkshire – ADOPTED

Thank you everyone for your contact. We have received over 250 emails about Islay in the last 24 hours! We are trying to reply to them all, but if you are able to download the application pack from the website or facebook page, that would be a huge help. 14.2.2020

Hi Everyone – my name is Islay and I am in North Lanarkshire.

I am 8 years old, and have recently suffered a bereavement.

I am described as “a quiet dog and most of the time you wont know I’m there”.

I don’t like sudden noises, and can be startled by things like the ironing board queeking. I am crate trained, and like to sleep in my crate. I am up-to-date with my vaccinations and am described as a healthy little pup.

If you think you could give me a loving furever home, please email